Find out more about sex potos vacuum packaging machines for your food packaging operations

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Benefits of vacuum packaging

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Are you looking for an efficient way to pack your food product? Vacuum packaging offers many benefits in food packaging, for all kinds of products. Find out more about the advantages and possibilities that our vacuum packaging range provides for food processing.

The machine model with the options and accessories that you need depends on the size of your products, the vacuum bags, quantities and the characteristics of your product. Need help? Please contact us!

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Without having to add preservatives, vacuum packaging extends the shelf life. Process, transport and deliver products for a longer period of time within a larger market.


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Prevents crosscontamination, improves food safety. Protection from dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

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Optimise the storage and truck space by stacking different foods together.

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Best condition of food freshness and a professional presentation, hygiene and safety.

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Flexibility in the process. One machine to process a variety of products regardless quantity or specifications.

Automatic Polar for caterer

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Meet the company Van Melick, one of the best caterers in the Netherlands. They have chosen to vacuum pack their products: soups, sauces, fish, meats and more. They have been using a table top model Boxer 42 since many years, and decided to expend with a full option sex potos Polar 2-85 double chamber with Automatic lid .

In addition to the fact that the vacuum packed products have a much longer shelf life, they have also chosen vacuum packaging for other reasons. Jorrit van Melick: "We process numerous amounts of meals and ingredients every day. To ensure that these are transported and stored in the most efficient way, vacuum packaging is unavoidable."

More about packaging solutions
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An efficient way to pack cabbage
Food packaging solutions for vegetables

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Are you looking for an easy and safe packaging solution for vegetables? Curious how to vacuum pack cabbage? Our distributor in Serbia, PakSistemi, shows you how its done with the use of a Polar 2-85 with ACS !

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Food packaging with a schrink tank


porn ub,The best way to vacuum pack Octopus in large quantities is to use a Polar 2-95 together with a Diptank 100. The sex potos machines offer easy operation and a professional presentation!

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Discover our complete range of vacuum packaging machines that can be used to pack your food products. Many machines with practical options and accesories are available.

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Industrial model with 2 x 660 mm seal bars

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Double chamber with 2 x 1100 mm seal bars

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Usable space: 600 x 800 x 220 mm

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Options and accessories

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