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For vacuum sealing liquids and powders

Inclined insert plates

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The saxi videos inclined insert plate offers convenience if you want to package liquids or powders, such as soups, sauces and flour. Because the vacuum bag can be positioned in the chamber at a certain angle, the product stays precisely at its place. Available in different sizes and suitable for all models.

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Vacuum packing tomato soup
Why use an inclined insert plate?

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Learn more about vacuum packaging liquid products on the Lynx 32 with the help of an inclined insert plate. Ideal in combination with the Liquid control option for an optimum result and easy operation.

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Inclined insert plate

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familypornhd,saxi videos offers a complete range of vacuum packaging machines that can be used to pack your food products. The inclined insert plate is one of many accessories available for numerous machines. Our recommendations.

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Chamber 370 x 420 x 180 mm

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2 seal bars of 520 mm and a 63 m³/h pump

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