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Perfect fit for greater packaging needs and high volumes of food and non-food products. Wide range of options available.

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Choose quality and capacity


The like xvideos Marlin series offer long lasting quality, optimal capacity and an attractive price. Sensor control, Advanced Control System, Gas flush and many more options are available to customize these vacuum packaging machines to your packaging needs.

Marlin 52

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With 2 seal bars of 520 mm

Marlin 90

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Large chamber with flat lid


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epic porn,The Marlin series is standard equipped with a 63 m³/h pump, 2 seal bars and a 10-program memory. A wide range of options is available to customize your machine.

  • Standard with 10 program memory
  • Standard Time control
  • Free options: Cut-off and Wide seal
  • Standard Soft Air
  • Full option
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like xvideos equipment is ETL certified and compliant with UL, CSA and CE standards

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like xvideos offers a 3 years warranty on parts,india sxx

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mia khali,All like xvideos machines are equipped with a Busch vacuum pump

Options and accessories

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Modified Atmosphere Packaging,porn art com


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Constant, guaranteed end vacuum,boku no pico


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nude hot,For vacuum sealing liquids


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beeg.conm,like xvideos's Marlin series offer long lasting quality, optimal capacity and an attractive price. Numerous options available in terms of operations, size and performance.

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