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Easy and fast off load

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The manual roller conveyor makes it easy to unroll vacuum-packed products from the machine. This reduces the load on the operator. The machine is unloaded faster, which increases the production capacity. This manual roller conveyor is available on the Polar 110 and the Titaan 110.

Combination with automatic schrink technology


xxx sex xxxx,Together with fine's automatic schrink tank, DT200A , you can create a semi-automatic line. The products, vacuum packed in shrink bags, can easily be pushed from the machine onto the automatic conveyor of the Diptank. Shrink technology is used for an optimal presentation of your product.

More about DT 200 A
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Available on Titaan & Polar 110


The fine manual rolller conveyor is available on the industrial single chamber machines Polar 110 and Titaan 110. Ideal to combine with the automatic Diptank 200.

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Multiple seal bar configurations available

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Standard with internal conveyor belt

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Automatic Diptank with a usable space of: 575 x 1098 x 200 mm

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